Safe, non-judgmental and respectful circles can be one of the most healing and inspiring places girls.

I began specializing in the girl groups eight years ago when several moms recruited me to support their daughters as they transitioned into middle school and began experiencing the complexities of adolescence. At this stage in life, as girls differentiate from their primary support systems, they start to feel unsure of themselves, misunderstood, and often alone.  My groups provide a respite from these emotions and a place where they feel connected. 

Gathering 5 to 10 girls at a time (ranging in age from 12-17), I create a safe space for them to come together in a non-judgmental and respectful way — to share their stories and discover common and familiar experiences. When they hear that others struggle with the same challenges, they are moved to action and become more able to thrive. Such interactions can alter their feelings — they start feeling seen, understood, worthy, confident and empowered. It is so rewarding for me to witness the girls I work with finding their confidence and becoming better advocates for themselves and their peers.